Table with mismatch <onlyinclude> tags behaves as if the table-closing wikitext is missing
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Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open or another page containing a table in this format:

<onlyinclude>{| class="wikitable plainrowheaders" style="text-align:center"
! scope="col" rowspan="2" style="width:15%;" | Character
! scope="col" rowspan="2" style="width:15%;" | Portrayed by
! scope="col" colspan="7" | Seasons


! scope="col" style="width:5%;" | [[30 Rock (season 1)|1]]
! scope="col" style="width:5%;" | [[30 Rock (season 2)|2]]
! scope="col" style="width:5%;" | [[30 Rock (season 3)|3]]
! scope="col" style="width:5%;" | [[30 Rock (season 4)|4]]
! scope="col" style="width:5%;" | [[30 Rock (season 5)|5]]
! scope="col" style="width:5%;" | [[30 Rock (season 6)|6]]
! scope="col" style="width:5%;" | [[30 Rock (season 7)|7]]

scope="row"[[Liz Lemon]]
[[Tina Fey]]
style="background: #ddffdd" colspan="7"'''Main'''
scope="row"J.D. Lutz
[[John Lutz (television writer)|John Lutz]]
style="background: #ffdddd" colspan="3"Recurring
style="background: #ddffdd" colspan="4"'''Main'''


  1. Notice that the rest of the page after this table appears to be "inside" the table.
  1. Change the label on an internal link that appears *after* this table.

Actual Results:
The table-close tag (which is |} ) is added to the end of the page.

In this article, there are two tables with these odd onlyinclude tags. We changed the misspelled "Pheonix" link in between the two of them. If you remove the top table, then changing that link has no effect. However, changing a link after the remaining table still has the same effect.

Reproducible: Always

Seen in Firefox 27 and Safari 6.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal


bzimport set Reference to bz64571.

This was fixed in the include_limits refactor.

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