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bot doesn't remain logged
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Opened with compat but someone reported the same trouble with core on the irc channel, on compat a simple

$ python

Password for user Phe-bot on wikipedia:fr
No characters will be shown
Should be logged in now

$ python -test
You are not logged in on wikipedia:fr.

The cookie seems fine for the first run

[{'cookieprefix': 'None', 'centralauth_Session': '8c5318ab60af405a5b4c9ca0700b4d47', 'frwikiSession': 'e9f77b61c9a44a54b1cfe999473861f7', 'GeoIP': 'My geo loc here:v4', 'centralauth_Token': 'deleted', 'centralauth_User': 'Phe-bot', 'forceHTTPS': 'true', 'frwikiToken': 'deleted', 'frwikiUserName': 'Phe-bot', 'frwikiUserID': '4507'}, None]

with the $ python -test the same cookie are sent back to the server when doing the userinfo request but the server answer

{u'query': {u'userinfo': {u'name': u'My_IP here', u'rights': [u'createaccount', u'read', u'edit', u'createpage', u'createtalk', u'writeapi', u'editmyusercss', u'editmyuserjs', u'viewmywatchlist', u'editmywatchlist', u'viewmyprivateinfo', u'editmyprivateinfo', u'editmyoptions', u'centralauth-merge', u'abusefilter-log', u'vipsscaler-test'], u'ratelimits': {u'emailuser': {u'ip': {u'seconds': 86400, u'hits': 5}}, u'edit': {u'ip': {u'seconds': 60, u'hits': 8}}, u'linkpurge': {u'ip': {u'seconds': 60, u'hits': 30}}, u'mailpassword': {u'ip': {u'seconds': 3600, u'hits': 5}}, u'renderfile': {u'ip': {u'seconds': 30, u'hits': 700}}, u'renderfile-nonstandard': {u'ip': {u'seconds': 30, u'hits': 70}}}, u'anon': u'', u'preferencestoken': u'+\\', u'groups': [u'*'], u'id': 0}}}

Version: compat-(1.0)
Severity: major



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Phe created this task.May 4 2014, 10:31 AM

I've observed the same behavior the last couple of days on several Wikipedia's and Wikidata. We should check if something was changed upstream.

Same thing here. It started for me on Friday May 2nd. I was on an old svn version. Changed to compat, same behaviour. Every single edit appeared as done from my IP.

On core, I get a first run OK; but when I call the bot from a different script, it keeps asking for reauthentication. No errors are ever reported; it just asks for authentication.

Upstream bug is patched, but not deployed yet.

Phe added a comment.May 5 2014, 3:58 PM

patch applied, see #64727