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Add page.userNameHuman
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Probably under a clearer name though; returns the last human editor on the page; used by

Uses in compat, but this is the only function using botlist, so can probably be removed.

Version: core-(2.0)
Severity: normal



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Change 132320 had a related patch set uploaded by Mpaa:
Bug 64833-Add page.userNameHuman as lastNonBotUser

Change 132320 merged by jenkins-bot:
Bug 64833-Add page.userNameHuman as lastNonBotUser

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compat's botlist also checked the global bot list, whereas core's APISite.IsBot only checks the local bot group. compat's code is broken at present, as it tries to use the global group called Global_bot' when it is currently named 'global-bot', but that could be just lack of active maintenance.

I'm planning on including this as part of an advanced Google-Code-in-2014 task.

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This functionality exists in core the same way it exists in compat. So It's not blocker of T57880 and it's not a part of compat to core migration.

See my comment above; it is not implemented as well as in compat, and the name 'Page.userNameHuman' does not exist. It was part of the compat2core project analysis.

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