Disable uploads, enable semi-protection, and enable recent changes patrol on Polish Wikiquote
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Author: lgarczewski

Request 3 changes in the configuration of plwikiquote:

  1. disable file uploads
  2. enable semiprotection (no, it's not up on *quote)
  3. enable the exclamation mart feature in RC (the one where one can mark valid


All three were submitted to the community (small as it is) for approval and were

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
URL: http://pl.wikiquote.org/


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bzimport created this task.Jan 20 2006, 9:48 PM

Wiki.Melancholie wrote:

Do you really think the semi-protection feature is a
good idea for pl.wikiquote? pl.Wikiquote is relatively
small, so I think you would rather profit from edits of
anonymous and fresh users, don't you?

lgarczewski wrote:

I didn't say we want to use it often. We just figured it'd be nice to have the
ability to use it instead of a regular protection (which is used very seldom on
the project anyway). Might come in handy during times like parliament/president
elections (we had some trouble with vandals last year).

Wiki.Melancholie wrote:

Sorry for my comment, I confused "semi-protection" with
the feature that hinders IPs and new users from creating

I support this request, of course! --- Best regards,

brion added a comment.Feb 3 2006, 3:12 AM

Is there a reference for these discussions?

(I've enabled the semi-protection along with some other wikis.)

lgarczewski wrote:

Of course. Proposals for 1. and 3. were submitted to the Bar (our Village Pump
equivalent) at http://pl.wikiquote.org/wiki/WC:Bar#Adminowanie_na_cytatach
("Administration of the 'quotes"). I have also prepared a formal policy draft
for 1. at
http://pl.wikiquote.org/wiki/Wikicytaty:Zakaz_przesy%C5%82ania_plik%C3%B3w (this
is still marked as a proposal 'cause I'm still waiting for any input on the
actual wording of the text, deadline was set to Sat, Feb 4) and submitted it for
aproval in the Bar at http://pl.wikiquote.org/wiki/WC:Bar#Nowe_propozycje_zasad.
No opposition was voiced.

river wrote:

this request is quite old now - do you still want these changes?

lgarczewski wrote:

Yes, we do. :) The community has expanded a bit since this was first requested, but still consists of only a few active editors, so patrol would come in handy. The "no uploads" policy is still in place and it is very unlikely that it will ever be changed.

river wrote:

okay, done. rc patrol is only enabled for sysops, say if you also want it for autoconfirmed users or everyone.

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