Querypage shouldn't use LIMIT for paging but "title >= x AND namespace >= y"
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Author: avarab

Querypage (and by extension classes that inherit it) shouldn't use LIMIT to do
paging as this gets exponentially more expensive the further into the set one
goes, it should use shomething like title >= x AND namespace => y like
Special:Contributions does. This would allow raising the number of rows inserted
into querycache for a given page without it bogging down the server(s).

Version: 1.11.x
Severity: enhancement

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gangleri wrote:

  1. A "nice to have" feature would be a "from=" parameter which should be

supported in wiki syntax [[special:foo/bar]].

  1. See:

Bug 4927: User interface should substitute "_" consistently with space (%20) in
the from= parameter

  1. trivial: The parameters should be supported in the user interface.

gangleri wrote:

addition to comment #1

  1. Support both "from=<pagename>" and "namespace=<namespace>" with wiki syntax


gangleri wrote:

(In reply to comment #2)

addition to comment #1

  1. Support both "from=<pagename>" and "namespace=<namespace>" with wiki syntax [[special:foo/<namespace>:<pagename>]]

This is the subject of
Bug 4944: Support both "from=<pagename>" and "namespace=<namespace>" with wiki
syntax [[special:foo/<namespace>:<pagename>]]

shunpiker wrote:

I submitted a patch for Bug 2415 which accomplishes paging without the use of LIMIT.

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