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Install default gadgets from on the test system (beta)
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To make sure we do not break default widgets on, we should also have them installed and tested on beta.

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This includes the following widgets:

Bene added a comment.May 24 2014, 10:12 AM

I have created which imports the three gadgets. Is this needed anywhere else, too?

@Bene* thanks, will check if it works and close the bug then. Probably you or someone from the community can enable them on as well, or has this already happened?

@Bene*: it seems we cannot just load the AuthorityControl Gadget from Wikidata. It has hardcoded property-ids that do not match the properties on beta. One solution would be to import the Gadget on beta and then change the list of defined properties -> we would only need one property, that's enough for testing I think. We could probably automate the process of importing the Gadget and changing the property definitions but that is optional for now.

@Bene*: I've now disabled (commented out) the AuthorityControl Gadget on beta. Now I realized that the Commons Gadget has an issue too. It makes an API call to get the imageinfo [1]. This works on but not on beta. I think there is just a setting on beta missing (could it be $wgUseInstantCommons?) but don't know exactly. Do you know?

[1] /w/api.php?action=query&prop=imageinfo&iiprop=url&iilimit=1&iiurlwidth=200&titles=File:Flag%20of%20Germany.svg

Additional thought: We could make this a lot easier for the authority control gadget if we split configuration and code. Ultimately the configuration should probably be done using statements on properties.

Ok, the CommonsGadget widget issue is resolved by now. We figured out that is set up as a media repo for So we need to choose images from there when we want to test the CommonsMedia gadget.

To resolve the issue with the AuthorityControl gadget, I'll import the gadget manually for now and adapt it to work on beta. That's not a perfect solution and we still need to think about how to automatically update the gadget on beta whenever it changes on

I've created a copy of the AuthorityControl gadget from with reduced number of properties and adjusted property ids for testing purposes on beta.

The Search gadget seems to work but for some reason the arrow symbol is missing. But this should not be no blocker. Closing this bug as all 3 required gadgets are not installed and operational on beta. I've opened new bugs for writing browsertests.