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Feature request: central database of numbers
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Author: benandorsqueaks

One of the troubles with the whole Wikipedia idea is that when many articles are
written by many different authors, facts, statistics and figures (i.e., population)
are often different in different articles. Trying to get them all to agree is a
daunting task. To simplify this process, a central repository for information could
be used. When writing articles, the information would be entered as a link, somewhat
like a template. The correspoding data would then appear in the article. The
repository would be the place for discussion of the information, and when the
information is updated, the articles all update - there'd be no need to seek out and
adjust a large number of articles, and a new revision generated for each of the
articles - the previous "oldid" versions would be linked to a specific revision of
the information.

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This seems essentially the same as

  • Bug 30345 - Create "Data Commons" or "Wikidata" project (tracking)

Marking this as a duplicate (since there is more info on the other bug)

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