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There's a few (not too many!) things that need a home, and I think this is a good time to start work on what will become the main entry point for developers to learn about Wikimedia (wiki) projects and Wikimedia (software) products.

The initial portal wouldn't be unlike some of these:

Here's are some very specific use cases that have come up during the Zurich Hackathon that I think would be best served with this:

  • Where do I find out about the existence of:
    • ( * )

      Current solution: None

      Current workaround for regulars:

I'm sure the people from the "Data API & Hub" table from Zurich Hackathon 2014 have more specific stories and use cases.

This hub would act as delegate for the following cases (pointing to things on another domain or the same, some of which should probably move to it eventually):

  • Products Such as:
    • MediaWiki -> Homepage -> Source code (git repo) -> Documentation (separate portal, on for now, ultimately linking back to{js,php,api} for documentation of individual classes and apis. We already have JS and PHP docs autogenerated for MediaWiki. Docs the API are still hardcoded on and api.php/help exclusively, we should get API and Hooks documentation onto as well. See
    • VisualEditor -> Source code -> Demo(s) -> Documentation
  • Data and APIs (APIs that are not related to MediaWiki or individual user-facing products, but Wikimedia services in general, MediaWiki's API is one small part of that)

    Such as:
    • page view counts
    • xml dumps
    • OAuth?
    • ( * )
    • "See also: Wikidata"
  • Communications
    • (e.g. link to tech blog, as currently linked from
    • mailing lists

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Severity: enhancement
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I think all of can migrate to appropriate paths on this domain.



I'm in full support of this.

As someone working on this, I would like this very much.

Initial implementation proposal:

  • static html wrapped in a lightweight php router for header/footer and nice url handling (e.g. no need to repeat too much for each subdirectory, it can be handled automatically using data and available directories (js,php,api,demo) and versions (master,REL1_23,etc.)), using twitter bootstrap (like
  • all in git (wikimedia/dev-docroot.git?)
  • deployed via git-deploy

The server for it only needs to be behind misc-lb-eqiad and be a git-deploy target. The main changes would come in from people via gerrit/git and deployed periodically.

Changes to the auto-generated docs would be build by gallium, and somehow pushed to the web server (they wouldn't be in dev-docroot.git).

Qgil added a comment.May 9 2014, 4:44 PM

Topic related with a session scheduled for tomorrow at 10:30 in the Wikimedia Hackathon:

How does the data and developer hub fit into the current documentation

(In reply to Krinkle from comment #0)

  • Data and APIs

    Such as:
    • page view counts
    • xml dumps
    • OAuth?

Discovered today that there is such a thing as
as well. To be documented at

Why not just have redirect to a page on That way people can update it as appropriate easily.

  • Where do I find out about the existence of:



Not much point telling people about the existence of a service they are not allowed access to.

Qgil added a comment.Aug 26 2014, 6:54 AM

Let's merge this discussion with the work done at Sorry for the duplicity of spaces, which will go away when we merge Bugzilla with Phabricator.

We have settled on -- see

Name for the 'developer hub'


URL of the Developer Hub

(In reply to Bawolff (Brian Wolff) from comment #6)

Why not just have redirect to a page on
That way people can update it as appropriate easily.

Yes, this is the current plan that you can help fine tuning:

Technology selection for the Developer Hub

How to redirect from

sumanah wrote:

Removing myself from cc on this as I prepare to leave Wikimedia Foundation.

Change 181398 had a related patch set uploaded (by Qgil):


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Change 181398 merged by Dzahn:

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needs Apache config, then obviously some files to upload..

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We have decided to prioritize the creation of some actual content under the existing API: namespace in

We have decided to prioritize the creation of some actual content under the existing API: namespace in

Yes, content, then a portal page on featuring that content based on wireframe ideas. Once it's at "better than draft" status, can have a redirect to this, and can link to it.

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Enable HSTS on max-age=7 days

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Enable HSTS on max-age=7 days

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Qgil added a comment.Jun 11 2015, 9:24 AM

Developer-Advocacy with the help of @Spage are committing to this goal for the next quarter: T101441: Goal: Integrate the new Web APIs hub with

I think it is time to conciliate that goal with this task, and to find the best relationship with both that we can achieve by the end of September.

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Qgil added a comment.Aug 8 2015, 3:02 PM

I have detached this proposal from T101441: Goal: Integrate the new Web APIs hub with and Web-APIs-Hub because the latter has defined its scope within web APIs only (which happens to be the scope of the Google, Facebook, Twitter examples given above).

Being Wikimedia also the umbrella of hundreds of open source projects, we have a more complex picture. What should be the one and only home to find about all of them? In short, my opinion is to make that home, linking wherever it is needed.

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Would this task be a good topic for the Wikimedia-Developer-Summit (2017) ? If so, the deadline to submit new proposals is next Monday, October 31:

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please also see T246945 which might conflict with this effort and introduce yet another place for documentation rather than having a single place for developers to go to

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This task has been lingering for five years.
The domain mentioned in the summary has existed for years (resolved).
However, the content/workflow/thoughts in the task description do not (not resolved).

I'm boldly decline this (very Epic broad) task in favor of the Wikimedia-Developer-Portal project which allows a better breakdown of subtasks.
See for more info (still going to take me 2-3 more weeks to sort out the very basics though - patience please!)