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Edit summary box should be a multiline input
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Author: avarab

The edit page should be changed to accommodate larger edit summaries:

  • The text input area needs to be changed fron <inputbox type="text"> to <textarea>


  • The textarea should auto-expand when entering a larger summary (JS)
  • The textarea should have some sort of live-preview of the summary (since it uses a limited subset of wikisyntax) (JS)
  • The textarea should use autocomplete, most (all) browsers don't have this on for <textarea>



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Using a <textarea> for summary will break keyboard workflow:
"enter" will no longer work to save.

trevj wrote:

Disabling "Enter" to save may actually be a benefit, because editors are encouraged to use the 'Show preview' function:,_kids

If this is changed, are there any related database limitations?

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The title from T99944 was more descriptive, let's use that one.

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