RFE: geo coordinates in page title on all (common) en: .css


Author: William.Allen.Simpson

Other *pedia (such as de: and pt:) have the ability to list the geo coordinates
aligned right on the page title. This has been lauded for some months at
#Coordinates at the top of the article

But AFAIK nobody has yet altered the e: css to allow this?

Both seem to use id=coordinates to put the information there?


Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement

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William.Allen.Simpson wrote:

Hoping to attract more notice, I've posted some example code at [[MediaWiki
talk:Monobook.css]] and [[MediaWiki talk:Common.css]].

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William.Allen.Simpson wrote:

Finally added today to monobook.css, still need corresponding work on others.

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William.Allen.Simpson wrote:

Just thought I would note that a couple more skins have been added,
but the id="coordinates" position:absolute hack is less than optimal.

Still hoping for official support in the page generation someday....

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What's the request here ? Unclear to me.

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