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Add "Syrian" date format to the preferences for Arab
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Author: a.m.h.e.s

hello, in Arabic Wikipedia, we discuss to add a new date format to the preferences, now there are 6 date formats in the preferences, and if you could add a new one it will be great.

here is the link of discussion:

now the new date format will be like this: j {{LOCALMONTHABBREV}} Y

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Thanks for taking the time to report this!


I am a bit confused what "j" means here (likely the day)? How many digits do j and Y have?

I would love to understand the motivation / intention of this request better, and which problem you try to solve. For example, does the current problem have to do with a specific calendar?

a.m.h.e.s wrote:

As i said above, we discuss to add a new date format to the preference, so any body can choose date formats that he like.

j {{LOCALMONTHABBREV}} Y is equal to {{#time:j {{LOCALMONTHABBREV}} Y}} if we put it in wiki page, and j Indicate to day number, or you can replace it with d, and {{LOCALMONTHABBREV}} indicate to month name with Syrian calender, and finally Y is indicate to year number.

But what is the practical usecase?
"Just because I like it" is not very convincing if somebody needs to maintain that code for the next years, so I guess there might be better reasons. :)

Is the proposed format used? If so, where, or in which calendars?

a.m.h.e.s wrote:

An active user in Arabic Wikipedia propose to add a new format to the preference, and many users support this proposal, you can see it here.

The Syrian calender is commonly used in the middle east countries, and in Levant countries. also it used in north Africa.

note: A high percentage of Arabic Wikipedia users are liven in the Regions i mention it above.

a.m.h.e.s wrote:

If you need, I can translate the proposal to English, so you can understand it.

Created attachment 15490
Patched $datePreferences

Thanks to the reporter we did out standards-compliant duty at , let's get this done for MediaWiki.

Is the attachment how you would like it to be?


Change 135595 had a related patch set uploaded by Nemo bis:
Add jMY to Arab date formats ($datePreferences)

a.m.h.e.s wrote:

Comment on attachment 15490
Patched $datePreferences

You have to add only a new format, it will be like this:


Change 135595 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add jMY to Arab date formats ($datePreferences)

Fixed, will be live on Wikipedia with MediaWiki 1.24wmf8: Thursday, 12 June 2014

Change 139122 had a related patch set uploaded by Nemo bis:
Actually define jMY date format for Arab

Change 139122 merged by jenkins-bot:
Actually define jMY date format for Arab

Ok, should be included in 1.24wmf10 and reach on 2014-06-26.