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EchoTalkPageFunctionalTest::testAddCommentsToTalkPage is broken
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It's this silly test again:

07:35:43 There was 1 failure:
07:35:43 1) EchoTalkPageFunctionalTest::testAddCommentsToTalkPage
07:35:43 Detected section title must match
07:35:43 Failed asserting that two strings are equal.
07:35:43 --- Expected
07:35:43 +++ Actual
07:35:43 @@ @@
07:35:43 -'Section 8'
07:35:43 +''
07:35:43 /srv/ssd/jenkins-slave/workspace/mwext-Thanks-testextensions-master/extensions/Echo/tests/TalkPageFunctionalTest.php:72
07:35:43 /srv/ssd/jenkins-slave/workspace/mwext-Thanks-testextensions-master/extensions/Echo/tests/TalkPageFunctionalTest.php:41
07:35:43 /srv/ssd/jenkins-slave/workspace/mwext-Thanks-testextensions-master/tests/phpunit/MediaWikiTestCase.php:133
07:35:43 /srv/ssd/jenkins-slave/workspace/mwext-Thanks-testextensions-master/tests/phpunit/MediaWikiPHPUnitCommand.php:42

This is blocking merges to Echo and Thanks.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal


Related Gerrit Patches:
mediawiki/extensions/Echo : masterUnbreak TalkPageFunctionalTest
mediawiki/extensions/Echo : masterFix broken test EchoTalkPageFunctionalTest::testAddCommentsToTalkPage

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vagrant@mediawiki-vagrant:/vagrant/mediawiki$ php tests/phpunit/phpunit.php extensions/Echo/tests/TalkPageFunctionalTest.php
PHPUnit 3.7.28 by Sebastian Bergmann.

Configuration read from /vagrant/mediawiki/tests/phpunit/suite.xml


Time: 2.41 seconds, Memory: 56.00Mb

OK (3 tests, 19 assertions)

Change 133426 had a related patch set uploaded by Legoktm:
Mark EchoTalkPageFunctionalTest::testAddCommentsToTalkPage as broken

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Change 499691 had a related patch set uploaded (by D3r1ck01; owner: Derick Alangi):
[mediawiki/extensions/Echo@master] Fix broken test EchoTalkPageFunctionalTest::testAddCommentsToTalkPage

Change 499691 abandoned by D3r1ck01:
Fix broken test EchoTalkPageFunctionalTest::testAddCommentsToTalkPage

No longer working on this but may rebook it sometime in the future.

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AFAiCT this is broken because of the initial "thank-you-edit" notification for the first edit that shifts all notifications by 1 (off-by-one error again.)

Change 505274 had a related patch set uploaded (by Sbisson; owner: Sbisson):
[mediawiki/extensions/Echo@master] Unbreak TalkPageFunctionalTest

Change 505274 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/Echo@master] Unbreak TalkPageFunctionalTest

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