VisualEditor: URLs followed immediately by {{templates}} are improperly displayed and cannot be edited


Something like{{deadlink}} cannot be properly edited in VisualEditor. It should be processed as two pieces: one external link that is followed immediately by one template. Instead, it is presented as the text "[]", linked to[].

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Caused by mw:ExpandedAttrs from Parsoid.



<a data-mw="…" typeof="mw:ExpandedAttrs" about="#mwt2" rel="mw:ExtLink" href="" data-parsoid="…"></a>

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Supposedly the reason for this is that{{echo|/index.php}} would produce a link to , rather than a link followed by text. But it depends on what the template outputs; if the output starts with a space or a newline this won't happen. Maybe Parsoid is being a bit too trigger-happy with mw:ExpandedAttrs in the second case?

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URLs followed by templates are still broken. However, they now seem to be broken differently: they display as regular links with broken syntax, rather than as alienated nodes.

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