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Allow all or part of a mobile formatted screen to be called from desktop site
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e.g. be able to call the mobile watchlist view (without modal chrome) on desktop as a flyout

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bingle-admin wrote:

Prioritization and scheduling of this bug is tracked on Trello card

We could potentially do this in a hacky way via an iframe, but currently there is no way to construct the mobile version of the watchlist special page using JavaScript. This would require lots of work on our API. It would also duplicate PHP code and JavaScript code - something which would greatly be helped with server side templates.

In short without some heavy prioritisation this is unlikely to happen any time soon...

Jon, would implementing as an iframe be an acceptable short term solution for a beta feature environment?

Per standup review: this is not how things are done: clients shouldn't get rendered HTML from servers. Instead, they should form the HTML using the information returned by the web API. So, if there's some API needed for new functionality - please file a request for it to be created. If something else is needed, e.g. the client-side code that MobileFrontend uses for dynamic page lists like Nearby - please request that it be made not depend on MF.

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@MaxSem can you update the title of this to reflect how this could be done correctly (called via the API, but styled properly) I know that the current title is not correct.