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'redirect' XML tag is not correctly parsed during XML import
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Author: sebastian.brueckner

Consider the following snippet of an XML dump created using Special:Export:

<mediawiki ...>

  <redirect title="Fghij"/>


During import, the XML is parsed in WikiImporter::handlePage(). For all tags directly in <page> (like title, ns, id, ...) the info stored in the $pageInfo array is the node content ("Abcde", "0", "27" for the tags above). However, since <redirect is an empty tag, the value in $pageInfo is always an empty string (""). The actual information is stored in the title attribute though.

When accessing the $pageInfo array in hooks (e.g. ImportHandlePageXMLTag), the redirect title is not accessible, since it's not correctly parsed.

I will submit a fix on Gerrit and post the link here.

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Change 134079 had a related patch set uploaded by TTO:
Correctly parse 'redirect' XML tag during Special:Import.

Change 134079 merged by jenkins-bot:
Correctly parse 'redirect' XML tag during Special:Import.