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Cannot switch to VisualEditor after a reload
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Could have sworn I raised this bug previously but here we go again..
Load Article#editor/0 in alpha
See VisualEditor.
Switch to source editor.
Now refresh the page using browser.
Wikitext editor loads.
Attempt to switch to VisualEditor.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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bingle-admin wrote:

Prioritization and scheduling of this bug is tracked on Trello card

jgonera wrote:

Can't reproduce on latest master.

Works for me. Tested in Firefox on latest master.

So actually I've noticed it does actually load eventually but it takes 6 seconds to do so and doesn't show a loading overlay or anything so it's not clear the click did anything...

I'm guessing you guys just have super fast instances...

jgonera wrote:

It takes about half a second on my vagrant instance, but the indication (loader) should probably appear earlier.

I don't see any indicator whatsoever for those 5 seconds so usually click it more than once :-(

A few times I've also seen two toolbars get created.

On my local instance it takes 2-3 seconds for VE to load cold but the spinner appears almost instantly.

jgonera wrote:

I'm marking as workforsome, please raise another bug if there are problems with the spinner.

It's not just the spinner - just sometimes it doesn't even start loading. I'm worried this indicates some bigger kind of problem. Let me attach some videos demonstrating the behaviour I am seeing...

Created attachment 15463
Delay between clicking button and seeing VE


Created attachment 15464
Double toolbar loading in VE


Best way to simulate this... Open wikitext editor via clicking edit icon.
Kill your web server.
Click the toggle to VE icon.
Nothing happens.

Change 136249 had a related patch set uploaded by Jdlrobson:
WIP: have a standard way of invoking loader

Change 137251 had a related patch set uploaded by Jdlrobson:
Show a spinner when switching between editors

Change 137251 abandoned by Jdlrobson:
Show a spinner when switching between editors

I'm going to do this another way.

Change 137731 had a related patch set uploaded by Jdlrobson:
Show loader when switching between editors

Change 137731 merged by jenkins-bot:
Show loader when switching between editors