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VisualEditor: Can't cut or copy citation template in Reference dialog
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Copy a reference's contents (not including ref tags).

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open a page in Safari. Add a citation using the Cite tool.
  1. Open the new reference in the Reference dialog via Insert > Reference.
  1. Select the contents, and press Command-X to cut it.

Actual Results:
Nothing happens. The template is not cut.

Expected Results:
It should be possible to copy and paste citation templates, so that you can modify them for other citations or display them on the page outside of <ref> tags.

Reproducible: Always

This bug cannot be reproduced in Firefox.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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Now I can reproduce this in Firefox:

  1. Open [[Railway company]].
  1. Discover that the allegedly reliable source is a wikilink to another article.
  1. Open ref dialog.
  1. Select entire contents (one link).
  1. Be confused about why nothing appears to happen.

I can copy the link, and I can replace it with garbage, but I cannot make it be empty. Perhaps this is intentional? In which case, how can I first remove the unwanted contents, and then add in good contents?

It's possible to cut/copy things from references, but you can't then paste them back into VE once you shut the dialog – this is bug 51725.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 51725 ***

Created attachment 17008
Screenshot showing grayed-out "Cut" item in Edit menu


Screen_Shot_2014-11-03_at_8.27.46_PM.png (496×786 px, 146 KB)

See attached screenshot. On the screenshot you can see that the citation template is selected and that Edit > Cut is grayed out.

Selecting the template and pressing Command-X does nothing, no matter how many times I press it. The cite journal template remains stubbornly in place, despite trying to cut the entire contents repeatedly. If my problem were with pasting, then I'd have an empty box and be complaining that I'd lost work. Instead, I have a full box and I'm complaining that it is not possible to CUT the contents out of this ref (in Safari 6.1.2, at least).

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