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indeterminate loader graphic should not be displayed when watchlisting or watchlisting
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when watchlisting and watchlisting a page, an indeterminate loader graphic is shown when it is unnesseary

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bingle-admin wrote:

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Created attachment 15451
shows issue with indeterminate loader graphic


Why is this unnecessary? The action contacts the server to watch the article and on a poor connection this might take some time. It needs to do /something/.

The animation only shows when the action has been successful.
Also you need some kind of feedback to show the action has been received.

Also what happens in the following situations?:
1)the action doesn't succeed (e.g. dropped connection) and the user tries to navigate away from the page?

  1. the watch fails e.g. due to an authentication error - does it stay solid / change back?

(I'm sure there is a better solution then a loader graphic but we do need /something/ whatever that might be.)

Can we trigger the state change, and only show a toaster if there is a failure or success?

I agree that having a spinner for the spinner is pretty silly. Could we start the star spinning as soon as someone clicks it and then have it stop once the API request is finished?

I think thats one option, but also might feel a little weird. tying the success or failure to the message in the toast message feels pretty natural, but doesn't solve for times when its taking a while, unless we add a toaster "it's taking a while, hang in there"

Created attachment 15456
Possible animation for watch and unwatch article


I think too, that a seperate loading image isn't the right, but like Jon said, something the element must do, when clicked. Maybe only a simple spin like in my attached video? Maybe the spin of watched and unwatched can removed then. If i think forward, maybe we can do an extension-global css class spin for spinning elements and remove the gif of loading image (use spin class and static image instead).

jgonera wrote:

The star should keep spinning until it's watched/unwatched in my opinion. In my opinion, this is not a bug though, it stayed this way because it's trickier to do and previously there were no animations.

because it's trickier to do and previously there were no animations

That's what i mean with a new css class providing this spin animation. Then in js simply add this class to the element and it's spinning :)

Change 137233 had a related patch set uploaded by Jdlrobson:
POC: Don't show spinner whilst watchign a page

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Don't show spinner whilst watching a page