VisualEditor: Coordinates template is displaying in the wrong place
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open any page that contains the {{coord}} template on en.wp See, e.g.,,_North_Yorkshire


The coordinates template, which should be in the top right corner, displays in the far left—so far to the left that only the last few characters are visible.

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The above example is still basically the same. Possibly different, is that the template only moves to the far-left *after* I mouseover the template. (Firefox and Chrome).

However, at other articles, it moves to different places.
e.g.,_Victoria after I mouseover the link, it moves downwards by ~1cm, so that it overlaps the infobox.
e.g.2.,_South_Australia after I mouseover the template, it moves to the far-left, but also far-down the page (underneath the ==References== section).

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Cannot reproduce the problem anymore on,_North_Yorkshire?veaction=edit even after hovering over the Coord template and clicking it. Same for Quiddity's other two links. Coord stays on the right where it belongs in Firefox 36 on Fedora 21.

Should this task be closed as resolved / declined?

Elitre added a comment.Mar 6 2015, 2:37 PM

I tried as well, and what happens for me in FF and Chrome is that the template moves completely to the right and there is no margin between the E and the scrollbar.

Today in (try here: ) it is on the far right, so far right that there is no margin between the final character and the scrollbar, as Elitre described. However, it's also one line too low, which means that it makes the last few words of the first paragraph very difficult to read.

Yes, this is because we give the document padding instead of margin to make the margins clickable.

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