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Id and class names for Special:PageMigration need to be fixed as per the standards followed
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Author: pr4tiklahoti

The id and class names for Special:PageMigration (a GSoC project) need to be fixed/altered to meet the current standards followed by MediaWiki.


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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Low.Nov 22 2014, 3:21 AM
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Hi, what does ""as per the standards followed"" mean? What is the bug here? It's unclear from reading this ticket what the actual problem is. :(

Also see for general info.

pr4tiklahoti wrote:

Hi Andre, by standards, I mean the general guidelines and principles followed on MediaWiki. If you look into the code, I have just given trivial names which came to my mind. This needs to be fixed to make the code production-level.

Created attachment 15475
From current code to fix: "html template" which shows the tree structure/html elements in context to understand the meaning

BPositive produced this for Nikerabbit to comment how he wants the classes and IDs to be named.


Yeah, these IDs are quite generic. Can easily clash with things and seem out of place in a MediaWiki context.

Relevant conventions:

Some reading:

Even if we don't use that syntax (which I think we should in this case), the mindset of part-of and kind-of is very helpful.

Change 135750 had a related patch set uploaded by BPositive:
ID and class names altered with mw-tpm-sp prefix

Change 135750 merged by jenkins-bot:
ID and class names fixed for Special:PageMigration with mw-tpm-sp prefix

Assuming fixed, further issues to be reported separately.