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Make form#mw-watchlist-form collapsible
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Please wrap <form id="mw-watchlist-form" action="/wiki/Special:Watchlist" method="post"></form> in a so that the form can be collapsed (and if it can remember from one page load to the next that it was collapsed that would be better) so that users can free up a portion of that real estate at the top of their screens and since using those controls is a rare occurrence in most cases. Please see WP:Village pump (technical)/Archive 126#Watchlist heading to see there is a consensus for offering condensing at the top of the watchlist. Thank you


Version: 1.24rc
Severity: enhancement



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That's a reasonable request, but it would need some design love I think. If we would make the fieldset collapsible, it would look like:

Unbenannt.PNG (244×1 px, 27 KB)

Two collapse links looks very strange :/

Would it be too different or odd to put the collapse for the outer box in the lower left instead of the upper right?  What other options are there to make it not look so odd or at least be distinctive? Change the inner to show/hide instead of (un)collapse?  T13

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We could try making the "Watchlist options" heading into a toggle, maybe.