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VisualEditor: Changing image from floated (right+basic) to thumb does not update size correctly
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Take an image like [[File:Bigimage.png|border|right]], inspect it, and change it to a thumbnail. You get a thumbnail image of the exact same dimensions. But when you save, this serializes to [[File:Whatever.png|thumb]], which renders in read mode (and when you reopen it in VE) as a much smaller image, because it's using the default thumb size.

I would argue that, when you switch to thumb, it should use the default size for thumbs right then and there, but in any case, it's clear here that what's being displayed in CE is not an accurate reflection of what's actually going to happen when the user saves, and that's a problem.

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Change 136981 had a related patch set uploaded by Mooeypoo:
Update image size after changing type

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Update image size after changing type