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Make Huggle 3 interface fully localizable
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Some of the text which is currently being displayed in Huggle interface needs to be “localized”. That means, the hard coded English text needs to be replaced with a localization macro _l(“<localization key>”) and English text needs to be moved into XML file Localizations/en.xml.

Example of such a change can be found in this commit:

You can start hg in debug mode (by passing parameter -v) and pick language “qqx” in order to seek these items easily.

Note to Google Code-In students:
In order to finish this task, you should find and replace at least 20 items that are currently hard-coded.



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first of all it needs updates from translatewiki until they fix these there is no point in working on that

lowering priority, upstream bugs need to be fixed for this to get fixed

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I will mentor these tasks (to be split)

Hi @Petrb
Can you please add me as a co-mentor for this task on the application system?

@Petrb A GCI student has submitted a pull request for this task.
I don't have write access to merge the pull request. Therefore, I'm bringing this to your attention.

@Petrb A GCI student has submitted a pull request for this task.

GCI students are already supposed to notify mentors on the GCI tasks (and this Phab task is cloneable so there are several instances of itin GCI). :)

I wasn't aware about the cloneable property. Thanks @Aklapper! :)

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