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Change name of Tahitian language from "Reo Mā`ohi" to "reo mā’ohi"
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Author: hrhuittroisszwzero.dsixmkkaqh

In Names.php Tahitian language is written :
00396 'ty' => 'Reo Mā`ohi', # Tahitian

As Vitipetia use the Tahitian Academy writting system, I propose to replace it by :
00396 'ty' => 'reo mā’ohi', # Tahitian

#1 Vitipedia use the curly apostrophe and the macron :
’Ia ora na i te Vitipetia, te puta parau pa’ari ti’amā

#2 The online dictionary of the Tahitian Academy do not use capital letter : (typing "maohi" in search field)
2°) Qui est originaire de la Polynésie Française. Te reo mā'ohi = La langue parlée par les polynésiens, le tahitien.

#3 The apostrophe is straight online only for historical technical reasons ; paper edition use the curly apostrophe :

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I asked an active user at tywiki whether they agree with this: [[ty:Discussion utilisateur:Juster#Le_nom_de_cette_langue]]

justeralexandre wrote:

Hi, I'm Juster. utilisateur:This, that and the other asked me if I was agree with the new name. Yes, I am.

But, I have always been disturbed with this name "reo mā’ohi".
The "reo mā’ohi" is used to discribe all the languages spoken in French Polynesia (the marquesan, the paumotu, the language from the Australes archipelago, the mangarevan, and the reo tahiti)

So, if you want to be the most exact as possible, we have to change the name " reo mā’ohi" into the name "reo tahiti"

All the articles in are written in tahitian language, not in marquesan, or paumotu, etc...

You can see at the local education ministry webpage that they use the name "reo tahiti"
Or here if you want some more explanations

Māuruuru, Thank you !

hrhuittroisszwzero.dsixmkkaqh wrote:

I agree with Juster on "reo tahiti".

Change 140312 had a related patch set uploaded by TTO:
Change name of Tahitian language

Sorry this took me so long! I forgot about it.

Change 140312 merged by jenkins-bot:
Change name of Tahitian language

Done. The change should make it onto Wikipedia late next week.

hrhuittroisszwzero.dsixmkkaqh wrote:

(In reply to This, that and the other from comment #7)

Done. The change should make it onto Wikipedia late next week.

Thank you, it appears !