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Zuul: de-uglify the test build results list in Gerrit
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OpenStack's Jenkins Comments

[I assume this would be fixed in Zuul/Jenkins not in Gerrit (Zuul/Jenkins is leaving the comment).]

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement


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(Gah! Mis-targetted enter key!)

Compare the screenshot of OpenStack's Jenkins comments in Gerrit and ours. One is easily readable, the other isn't. Let's have easily readable.

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WMF Jenkins Comments


WMFGerritJenkins.png (286×782 px, 42 KB)

We could do it.

Zuul need to prepend the job name in the reported URL which is a single configuration change in zuul.conf:

Then in Gerrit configuration add a [commentlink] that for a matched regex replace it with some HTML:,unified

[commentlink "testresult"]

match = '<li>([^ ]+) <a href=\"[^\"]+\">([^<]+)</a> : ([^ ]+)([^<]*)</li>',
html  = '<li><span class=\"comment_test_name\"><a href=\"$2\">$1</a></span> <span class=\"c

omment_test_result\"><span class=\"result_$3\">$3</span>$4</span></li>',

We can give it a try on integration-dev.eqiad.wmflabs.

I don't have much time to look at it right now though.

Change 154524 had a related patch set uploaded by Hashar:
gerrit: prettify Zuul build results

I gave it a try and the above puppet change tweak Gerrit and Zuul config to make the build result a bit nicer.

An example can be shown on a labs instance (the link will eventually disappear one day).

Change 154524 merged by Dzahn:
gerrit: prettify Zuul build results

Created attachment 16250
Pretty comment on Wikimedia setup

Attached is the result of the crazy regex on Wikimedia Gerrit installation. Much nicer.


Capture_d’écran_2014-08-20_à_21.54.26.png (228×785 px, 55 KB)

The original regex comes from James E. Blair (OpenStack).

Christian Aistleitner kindly reviewed and further improved the regex (thanks!).

Daniel Zahn deployed the change on spot.