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[Epic] Store media information for files on Wikimedia Commons as structured data
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Jdforrester-WMF, Jun 4 2014


Adding structured data based on Wikibase for all media files on Wikimedia Commons is something the Multimedia team are planning to work on with the Wikidata team.



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T159884 maybe a use case for this at some point (mentioning for bookkeeping)

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2019-01-09T21:04:30Z] <James_F> Creating Wikibase repo tables on Commons for T68108

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I've been told wikibase tables have been created on s4. We would like to have been notified of this- we are not sure wikibase for commons should live on s4, if the growth of structured data is as large of it was for wikidata, we should create a separate cluster, dedicated to it (s4, like s1 and s8 are quite bloated). Changing it before or at the beginning is easy, doing it later is more complicated. Please talk to DBAs to understand hw needs. I prefer to request more hw that we need and later not buy it that needing it and not having the budget available. CC @Marostegui.

I asked to talk to us months before that deployment happened.

@WMDE-leszek - I spoke with @jcrespo and some others about potential issues with the SDC deployments, and we basically decided that it would be best to move the Wikibase tables to a separate cluster out of an abundance of caution. They wanted a WMDE perspective as to whether making that move would be possible and what effects might be seen based on the various refactoring going on, in particular with the wb_terms table. Given you've been our point of contact on Wikibase work recently, I hoped you could chime in or bother the correct person to give feedback on this matter.

It should be noted here, also, that the Wikibase tables on the Commons database are currently all-but-empty, so it's not a huge threat to the cluster. However, we're investigating the impact on the revisions table and will be exploring what is needed to avoid further issues.

@MarkTraceur, @jcrespo et al: We've discussed this briefly at WMDE, and we believe the suggested idea should not be problematic with regards to wb_terms table.
Neither the existing wb_terms table, neither its refactored replacement is expected to be used in joins with "standard" MW tables, hence moving the table to separate cluster shouldn't create an issue. The move would likely require some changes to the Wikibase code, so it would be preferred from WMDE side, that the separation happened after our current storage work is done (1-2 months from now), so we can limit number of variables we deal with.

It should be noted wb_terms (or what is about to replace it) is not the only DB table created and used by Wikibase extension. These other tables (e.g. wbc_changes) couldn't, in our understanding, be easily moved to a separate cluster, and we'd recommend against such move, unless there are important reasons to do so.

It is not clear from the comments above, whether the separation you have been discussing only considers wb_terms table, or all Wikibase-specific tables.