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Semantic Forms, HeaderTabs and WikiEditor not working together well with IE
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[Error] TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'jQuery("#sfForm").data("SemanticForms").initFunctions') Error
log (load.php, line 145)

A regular wiki page with Headertabs works as intended. Removing <headertabs/> from my form removes the error.

1.24wmf4, SMW 1.9.2, Semantic Forms 2.7. Header Tabs 0.9.3 (6587ac1). Wikieditor 0.4

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I should clarify, what happens is that error is thrown and any instances of editor=wikieditor are collapsed. Contributors see the WikiEditor toolbar, but the editable content area is not displayed.

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Screenshot of issue in action

Example of bug. This is in IE 9 with Windows 7.


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Screenshot of issue in IE 8

This is what I see in IE 8. It does not happen on every page load however. Only intermitently.


An update to hopefully assist with this. It's apparently an IE thing having to do with the javascript being used. Not sure which is causing the problem - Wikieditor, Header Tabs, or Semantic Forms.

It appears that fields with "editor=wikieditor"on the first tab work just dandy. It's the 2nd and so on where this issue arises.

Removing editor=wikieditor or moving those fields to the first tab alleviate the problem. My console in IE 9 shows the following error:

LOG: exception thrown by user callback
Error: Incorrect function.

IE 9, Windows 7, MW 1.25wmf10, Semantic Mediawiki 2.1, Semantic Forms 3.0, Wikieditor (master), Header Tabs 1.0.1

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I'm marking this as "Low" priority, given that (hopefully) it only happens with IE 9, which is from 2010.

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This was only with IE8/9 right ? So i guess it could be closed ?

I suppose... I don't know what the statute of limitations is for IE bugs.

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I think 4 years and god knows how many newer version of IE is past the statute of limitations. :)

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