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Hovercards: Regex for title bolding in popup doesn't escape title
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Author: wiki.nihiltres

"C" in "ANSI C" is bolded, but not "C*"

In ext.popups.renderer.article.js, the article.getProcessedHtml function bolds instances of the article title. However, it doesn't escape the title text provided to the regex it uses to search, and some titles contain regex syntax, causing odd results.

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Change 137862 had a related patch set uploaded by Prtksxna:
renderer.article: Escape RegExp syntax from the article's title

This issue blocks popups from appearing in some cases, giving for example:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: /(^|\s)(FurryDC++)(\s|$)/: Nothing to repeat

The included patch appears to resolve this issue.

Change 137862 merged by jenkins-bot:
renderer.article: Escape RegExp syntax from the article's title

Fixed, patch will be deployed within two weeks per the roadmap ([[mw:MediaWiki 1.24/Roadmap]]), unless it's backported earlier.

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