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Profiling table not defined in tables.sql or updaters
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Author: mediazilla

Despite the fact that the profiling table is mentioned in many places, the database which gets created does not have
a "profiling" table, nor is it defined in the
"maintanence/tables.sql" file.

One of the following needs to be the case:
a) created automatically by default
b) the definition should be included somewhere so that those who wish to use it can do so
c) IF this functionality is deprecated, then all references to it should be removed from the mediawiki code


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Severity: normal



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robchur wrote:

The profiling table isn't used except in certain debugging conditions.

mediazilla wrote:

I am aware of that. That does not affect the initial comment. The frequency of
use of a certain part of the software has no bearing on whether it should work
or not. It may of course affect the priority assigned to fixing it.

As a user of the mediawiki software I have tried in vain to find the definition
of this profiling table. If I switch profiling to the database on then the code
crashes because the table is not defined. I do not have any way of defining it
because the definition is nowhere included.

Either the broken functionality should be removed or it should be made so that
it is usable.

robchur wrote:

Fair enough. I'll look into making sure there is at least a .SQL file there,
with perhaps a script to be run to do the updates.

Have a look at:


It's there since june 2004 but you have to add it manually. I added
a comment about that in DefaultSettings.php in trunk@13902 and
REL1_6@13903 .

Should be enough :)