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Add browser tests for major core features
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There was a task/goal about this, but never a bug that I can find. We had talked about doing this before 1.23, and I still think we should backport browser tests for major core features to the 1.23 branch, since it's an LTS, and isn't too different from master yet.

As background, we currently have no browser tests for our release branched of mediawiki. That has forced us to do a lot of manual testing whenever we release a new version of the tarballs. That's just bad all around.

Chris McMahon put in a first patch 133507. We have a few more features identified in bug 66264. What other features should have basic regression testing?

We briefly discussed having a test for the upgrade process also.

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That is a worthwhile idea. We should talk about it during our QA/Release checkin I guess.

Moving bug to Quality Assurance, that seems to be a better audience (i.e. Chris/Zeljkof).

Gerrit patches referenced above is "browser acceptance tests".

Change 133507 had a related patch set uploaded by Legoktm:
browser acceptance tests

Gerrit 133507 is now merged; should this be marked as FIXED?

Sounds like. Unless both Chris want to reuse that bug as tracking ticket :-)

Fixed is good. From here on out we'll manage the /core/tests/browser repo like all the other /tests/browser repos.