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mediawiki.hlist.css/js are not using localized punctuations
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In several pseudo elements use content with characters that should translateable.
These should follow the example set in mediawiki.interface.helpers.styles and use ResourceLoaderLessVarFileModule::class with lessMessages option.


.hlist dt:after {
	content: ':';
.hlist dd:after,
.hlist li:after {
	content: ' ·';
	font-weight: bold;

/* Add parentheses around nested lists */
.hlist dd dd:first-child:before,
.hlist dd dt:first-child:before,
.hlist dd li:first-child:before,
.hlist dt dd:first-child:before,
.hlist dt dt:first-child:before,
.hlist dt li:first-child:before,
.hlist li dd:first-child:before,
.hlist li dt:first-child:before,
.hlist li li:first-child:before {
	content: '(';
	font-weight: normal;

.hlist dd dd:last-child:after,
.hlist dd dt:last-child:after,
.hlist dd li:last-child:after,
.hlist dt dd:last-child:after,
.hlist dt dt:last-child:after,
.hlist dt li:last-child:after,
.hlist li dd:last-child:after,
.hlist li dt:last-child:after,
.hlist li li:last-child:after {
	content: ')';


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Change 674554 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mainframe98; owner: Mainframe98):
[mediawiki/core@master] Use localized interpunction for mediawiki.hlist

Change 674554 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/core@master] Use localized interpunction for mediawiki.hlist