Patch: relative oldids (prev, next, cur) for raw pages
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Author: lupin.wp

This patch adds a new parameter to action=raw, direction, which can be prev,
next or cur.

I'm implementing previews of diffs using client-side javascript diffing, and
this will be most useful.

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Severity: enhancement


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bzimport created this task.Feb 2 2006, 2:34 PM

lupin.wp wrote:

proposed patch

Attached: diff

brion added a comment.Feb 2 2006, 5:40 PM

Wouldn't recommend inventing yet another parameter for this.
If it's truly necessary, better to remain consistent with existing parameters.

lupin.wp wrote:

Ah, ok. Which existing parameters would you recommend I follow?

lupin.wp wrote:

changed direction to diff

Since this is intended to grab revisions referred to with the diff= parameter
in existing links, I've renamed the direction parameter to diff.

This seems a little illogical to me, but it's an existing parameter.

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lupin.wp wrote:

Wait, isn't direction already used for this purpose? For example,

I think my original patch makes more sense in view of this.

robchur wrote:

Committed to HEAD more or less intact. :)

brion added a comment.Feb 28 2006, 8:29 AM

Marking as FIXED since there is no explanation for the reopening.

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