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For custom namespaces don't use MediaWiki:Nstab-foo use MediaWiki:Nstab-nnnn
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Author: gangleri


With the fix for
Bug 4278: Changes on tabs for namespaces 100 and 101
MediaWiki supports 'MediaWiki:Nstab-foo' for custom namespaces.

[[sr:MediaWiki:Nstab-Портал]] is such a message used for ns:100 see

However according to
Bug 3993: Enabling variants (ekavian/iyekavian and Cyrillic/Latin) for Serbian
[[sr:]] will come in more language / script variants. Compare

It might cause some problems having four different MediaWiki messages for an
object which could be 'MediaWiki:Nstab-100' and "translate" the same way as all
other MediaWiki messages.

This request will / may brake existing code. The number of custom namespaces at
Wikimedia Foundation projects is low. The 'MediaWiki:Nstab-nnnn' can be created
before this change goes live.

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

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Severity: normal



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gangleri wrote:

When opening this request I had also another idea in mind:
"portability of code" and "maintainability" would be much more easy if
internationalization for as many as possible features would happen at the same

This request is (also) about to use one 'MediaWiki:Nstab-100' instead of variants as

Please REOPEN this bug if you support the idea.

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]