CSS class are not inherited to child text/tspan elements in SVG (not general)
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CSS class definitions for text elements are not inherited to the child tspan elements. See first version [[File:Global_Wind_Power_Cumulative_Capacity.svg]].

This is a long time known bug but I found no report here (also not on GNOME).

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named class overruled a general element class

As bug 66672 is present the given example is very unlucky. So I attach a much better example (temporary uploaded here https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/archive/b/bd/20140616194801%21Test.svg/120px-Test.svg.png)

So I must differentiate and change the bug.
All text should be green with exception of the first.
What happens are 2 things:

  • named class overruled a general (in this case higher) element class
  • tspan and text elements without coordinate attribute get ignored from a class (so this was at beginning my second faulty conclusion)


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MW does not look at class, so bug is in librsvg. Not clear that it has been reported there.