SVG style element ignored if no type attribute is specified
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The <style> element is ignored if you omit the default value type="text/css"

This bug seems new as upstream on (as in v. 2.36.4)

Example are here in the first revisions:
[[File:World Reserves to Production Crude Oil.svg]]
[[File:US Proved Crude Oil Reserves.svg]]

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Severity: normal
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The W3C specification:


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Ok the examples could be much better, you can recognize this only there in the font-family.

style MIME type omitted

Better simplified example, rendered as (near the same as from bug 66551)


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Indeed, thanks! Fixed in b2cc9ce which is included in the 2.40.20 tarball. 2.40.20 is in Debian testing (buster) but Debian stable (stretch) ships 2.40.16.