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Hardcoded superscript in time zone preferences
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Author: anyfile

While the footer note mark should be specified in the text of
MediaWiki:Timezoneoffset, it is automatically inserted before the text of
MediaWiki:Timezoneoffset ina fixed form.

It would be better if the mark sign could be specified in both the template or
it could be automatically handle in both point.

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Severity: trivial



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anyfile wrote:

I am very sorry Brion (and all), my previous message was actually not understandable to me too.

I have change the title of this bug (in the hope that is more understandable).
Let me try to explain me better

If you go to the preferences page (My preferences) and select "date and time" folder, there is a section about the time zone.

The third line in this section has a label and an input box. The label in the default English configuration is Offset followed by a little 1 superscript mark sign. This is used as mark of a footnote.

Below in the page you can see the same mark sign, followed by the footnote.

The text of the label before the input box, and the text of the footnote are respectively obtain from MediaWiki:Timezoneoffset and MediaWiki:Timezonetext

While the little superscript 1 is included in the MediaWiki:Timezoneoffset, this in not part of the MediaWiki:Timezonetext . The little 1 printed before the text note is not taken from the system message, but it appear to be harcoded somewhere.

So there is a difference in the behaviour of the two system messages.

This may lead to problem when the messages are translated or customised. Who edit (or translate) this message should remember to keep the little 1 superscripted at the end of MediaWiki:Timezoneoffset , but should remember not to put it at the beginning of MediaWiki:Timezonetext .

Moreover the present system does not allow to customize the sign used as footnote mark.

Suppose someone would prefer to use an asterisk (*) instead of the little 1. He/She could change it in MediaWiki:Timezoneoffset , but not in MediaWiki:Timezonetext .

So it would be better if the footnote mark at the beginning of the footnote were not printed from hardcode, but included in the MediaWiki:Timezonetextsystem message (of course this requires an additional step so to be sure that MediaWiki:Timezonetextsystem is updated with the sign at its begininning, to avoid breaking all the already existing configuration).

Changed summary to clarify.

A hardcoded superscript 1 is prepended to the 'timezonetext' message on output in the preferences form. This superscript mark is included within the text of the 'timezoneoffset' message.

The mark should either be included in both messages, or separated out into its own message, or the mark should be removed entirely.

This was fixed with r33495 a few weeks ago. I wasn't aware of this bug.