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Next and previous revision links hidden on old-revision view of redirect text
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Author: hirsch.heisseich

If you go in an article which once was a redirect page, for example this oldid, on top of
the page you are able to follow the revisions (Older revision | Newer revision).
But if someone has made a redirect, the revision links (inlusive the date)
If you click on the ’Newer revision’ link in my example you are on a redirect page.
It is a dead end. Instead of the revision links there is the text: ’Redirect
page’. You can not move back- or forward. As you can see in the history the
redirect is not the actual page:
Is it possible to include the regular revision navigation on top instead of the
'redirect' word?

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Severity: minor



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gangleri wrote:

Hallo baumanns!

Confirming that no navigation links are available at
despite the fact that
is very long.

There are some discussions about rendering a redirect as a normal page at
Bug 927: Text in the same line as #redirect not rendered, except for category tags
This would probably also fix the problem with the navigation links.

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

P.S. The "Component" of this bug relates both to "Redirects" *and* to
"History/Diffs". The actual Bugzilla version does not support this.

gangleri wrote:

*trivial note*
The code for "diff" is not identical with the code for "direction" /
"direction=prev" regarding the rendering of redirects
(is a "reversed" redirect where value of diff < value of oldid)

The only rendering issue is addressed in
Bug 2333: Redirect graphic not shown in preview

robchur wrote:

Fixed in SVN trunk, r14280.