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VisualEditor: Fix tabindexes in the citation dialog
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On English Wikipedia, tabbing in the citation dialog is broken. To reproduce:

  1. Edit an article with VE.
  2. Choose 'News' from the Cite menu.
  3. Click the first field.
  4. Tab to try to get to the next field.

Focus goes to a help icon, and even tabbing repeatedly will not get it to leave that icon.

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It's supposed to go to the help icon (that was Gerrit change 137152 - bug 65474), but 'tabbing repeatedly will not get it to leave that icon' is WFM


  • in Firefox, the tabbing doesn't take you to the help icon (or delete icon), only in Chrome (instead it takes you to the next field);
  • in neither can you tab to the "add field" button;
  • when the add field panel opens your cursor doesn't open in the search field;
  • when in the add field search box tabbing doesn't take you to the field options.

However, yeah, I can't replicate the original report – Matt, can you clarify?

Created attachment 15765
Tabbing issue in Firefox

I can still reproduce it. I should have said, I tested in Iceweasel/Firefox 30.0 on Debian Wheezy.

I'm attaching a video. It shows how I got there, and that it tabs to the help icon. I tab multiple times and it sticks, though you can't see that in the video.


Weird... I can replicate this in Firefox, but not Chrome.

I tried copying the inner HTML out of the dialog iframe and into a separate file - it worked there.
I also tried moving the tabindex attribute from the <a>s to their parent <div>s... That seems to work. Not sure why.

(I've been testing with any template which has TemplateData, btw - not specifically Cite stuff)

Change 142718 had a related patch set uploaded by Alex Monk:
Set tabindex for template dialog info/remove buttons on parent <div> rather than <a>

Change 142718 merged by jenkins-bot:
Set tabindex for template dialog info/remove buttons on parent <div> rather than <a>

Well that's at least a workaround. I wonder if this might be an upstream bug...

  • Bug 67159 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***