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Wikipediholic reminder user CSS/JavaScript
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Author: jasonspiro4

I am requesting a piece of CSS/JavaScript be written that users can paste into
their user Monobook.css pages.

With this CSS installed, once per hour, starting on the hour and continuing for
one minute, when these users click on any wikilink, MediaWiki will not take them
to their desired destination. Instead, it will take them to the URL:

I can then mention at the bottom of the "Are you a Wikipediholic?" page that
confirmed Wikipediholics can install the script for themselves if they wish.

Does this seem like a practical enhancement request?

Version: 1.6.x
Severity: enhancement
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I know some people who could use this on Bugzilla too. ;)

lupin.wp wrote:


Here ya go... sadly existing pages aren't affected, only new ones.


attachment annoy.js ignored as obsolete

lupin.wp wrote:

better implementation

I think this one works on already loaded pages :-)


jasonspiro4 wrote:

Excellent! I'm pasting this into my monobook.js file.

jasonspiro4 wrote:

Brion, since you asked :-) here are some options:

  • the Gnome typing break tool (I don't know what it's called. In Ubuntu, you can

get to it through the Keyboard control panel's Typing Break tab.)

  • xwrits (very small and very featureful)
  • workrave (featureful, available for Linux and Windows)

There are other options too. Google for RSI break reminder.