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VisualEditor should support redirects to sections on a page
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to Page settings and tick the box to make a redirect.
  1. Type in not just a page title, but also a section: Example#Foo
  1. Now what? If I click "Example" in the list, it deletes the #Foo part.

It turns out that if you click outside the page settings dialog, that it actually will accept this, but it looks impossible.

Then when you "apply changes", the redirect isn't visible on the page (T63861) so you can't tell whether it worked or did anything at all.



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This very likely would use some (magical) technology that would be needed to fix T52881: VisualEditor: Link input widget should suggest section links.

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So, when you have a title+section link in the text box, and the suggestions show the page name that's currently in there, an extra suggestion should be added for the full title+current section? I think anything more than that would be T52881

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This seems to work the right way these days. If you input a title+section, the same is shown as the first element of the suggestions (but only if a page by that title exists).

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