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Hovercards: Punctuation should not prevent the title from being bolded in an extract
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If you have an extract in which the title is followed immediately by punctuation which is not part of the title, the title should still be bolded.


The text "Trax" is not bolded in the popup for the title "Trax" because it is followed by a comma: "Trax, also known as TraxSwe, ..."

The pattern "Title," is not all that common in developed articles, but it is valid. "Title (something)," is quite common and if Bug 67225 is fixed, it will become more common in extracts as well.

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Another example of punctuation preventing a title from being bolded in an extract:
The title is styled as "Paradise" (with the quotes) in the lede, per standard song punctuation, but the title is just [[Paradise]], and this prevents it from being bolded.

In this case, it would be nice to include the quotes in the bolding; there might ideally be two sorts of punctuation; one set which is part of the bolded text, even if it is not in the title, and one which is excluded from it.

A related consideration: while article.getProcessedHtml requires space (or the article start/end) before and after the title, in some languages there may correctly be no spaces *or* punctuation between the title and subsequent text.

For example, in the title is followed immediately by another character, and many of the links below follow the same pattern. This is common on as well.

Also there is a problem with a non-breaking space. In the Russian Wikipedia, many articles begin with the "Titile — ...", and the Title is not bolded in this case.