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Hovercards: Plural titles should be bolded in extracts, especially if there aren't other matches
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In some cases, an extract may contain only plural instances of a title, which it would be desirable to bold.


The text "fursuiter" links to which starts:
"Fursuits, originally known as ..."

Because "Fursuits" != "Fursuit", the text is not bolded. (This title would also be affected by Bug 67227 due to the comma immediately after.)

Ideally the term "Fursuits" would be identified as a plural of the title "Fursuit" and bolded, at least lacking anything else to bold bold.

I'm not sure if this would lead to over-bolding. Perhaps Popups could look for words which start with the title text, if and only if no exact matches are found.

Version: master
Severity: normal

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I wonder how much search for a simple plural will help. By simple I mean just adding an s at the end.

Change 182446 had a related patch set uploaded (by Prtksxna):
renderer.article: Try bolding a simple plural if the title isn't found in the extract


I am matching the title no matter what the trailing spaces now. So for train it'll match-

  • I like trains.
  • Train, or lots of cars…

Change 182446 merged by Werdna:
renderer.article: Bold the title no matter what the trailing characters