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Flow: Make Preview and Wikitext Edit available simultaneously
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Jun 28 2014, 7:03 PM
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Dec 12 2014, 3:05 AM
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Dec 11 2014, 7:07 PM
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See also: T75679: Flow: Preview message looks like an error and has question mark cursor

screenshot - before and after Preview

Split from T69192: The message Flow-preview-warning is too technical:

(Bartosz Dziewoński wrote)

Why is Flow hiding the text area when you're previewing a comment, and
replacing it with a huge green message bubble? That's confusing. Please just
do the normal MediaWiki thing for this and no complicated explanations will
be necessary.

I'll attach a screenshot from

I think this is an interesting new experiment. It reminds me of Slashdot comments, where one can only Edit OR Preview, but not both at the same time. (eg. try previewing a test reply at )

The normal MediaWiki thing, is to use the message:
and then show the previewed text
and then show the edit box,
[Which enables us to both Preview and Edit the wikitext simultaneously.]

The downsides of the normal MediaWiki thing, which I believe this experiment is trying to solve, are that it:

  • Doubles the quantity of text onscreen
  • Pushes the text I'm replying to, further up the window (often above the fold)
  • The "This is just a preview" message might be missed by newcomers
  • other?

The downsides of the new experiment are:

  • Doubles the amount clicking required, for editors who use "preview" a lot. (which should be encouraged!)
  • Can't Preview and Edit at the same time. (eg. If I'm wondering how a complicated template will work, I'll: preview, tweak, preview, tweak, preview, tweak, preview, save. -- Having the Previewed-text stay static on my screen, but just changing slightly each time I preview, is immensely helpful. Versus, having to retain it in my memory whilst I'm in edit-mode)

(Sidenote: I use the UserScript which makes previewing especially fast, and solves the whole Regular-Preview problem of "Refreshes the entire page, and moves you to #Top".)

I would suggest returning to the normal preview-method. (Especially because the javascript version currently on seem to use something akin to the ajaxPreview, which is nice and fast and non-jarring. (albeit needs aethetic updates))
Then also, place the standard [[MediaWiki:Previewnote]] message in a tooltip at the side, next to the "reply" button. That will provide less inline-text to distract someone whilst they're composing a post. (and less new messages to translate! cf. the original bug)
But I'm willing to be convinced otherwise. :)

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Screenshot_from_2014-06-28_11:30:18.png (1×1 px, 163 KB)



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Yeah, this is something we should look at. Thanks for bringing it up!

Another downside to the new experiment:

  • it makes ctrl-Z (undo) non-functional, after previewing.

I think someone accidentally partially fixed this, because today at mediawiki, I'm getting:

wxLLLOD.png (328×1 px, 46 KB)

Yay! Now keep going! ;-)

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Since this ticket was filed, we enabled VE in the Flow message fields. The VE field now serves as a preview for wikitext.

When you're using the wikitext editor and you want a preview, you can click on the brackets icon and get an immediate preview of what your post will look like. If you see a problem with your post, you can either edit it immediately while in VE mode, or switch back to wikitext by clicking on the brackets icon.

This is much faster than a normal wikitext preview, with no extra page loads. It would be redundant to build an extra preview box.

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See also mw:Topic:Sn3mt38amyu5b5xj.