Make new multi-part transclusions always put newlines between each transclusion (default whitespace of \n)
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Some tables built from complex templates assume that there will be line breaks between the templates, so that this works:


but this does not:


There's another problem with transclusions containing content, which can be seen by opening the transclusion at in VisualEditor. The template lines are fine, but the "Content" sections must always start with a blank line, to make up for the absence of line breaks at the end of the templates.

The solution for both of these is probably the same: Complex transclusions should always have line breaks after the templates. I haven't been able to find any (in my quick search) that would break if this were implemented.

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I'm not entirely certain that there aren't multi-part templates that this is the wrong call for, but in general this is certainly a sensible tactic.

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Pretty sure this is a dupe?

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