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Parsoid shouldn't convert external links to interwiki links when the interwiki prefix matches a local namespace name
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This may be related to bug 42986: VisualEditor and Parsoid autoconvert URLs in the external link format to local links, including for interlanguage and other interwiki links.

This means that if you paste in as your link on one of the Wikipedias, it gets saved as [[outreach:Example]].

This is fabulous and should be kept.

However, if the local wiki doesn't recognize the converted prefix for the link, then the result is a redlink. At the moment, doesn't know about the existence of, but links are converted anyway.

The result is that pasting as a link on gets saved as [[outreach:Example]], and when you click on the resulting redlink, it takes you to the non-existent page

This is not so fabulous.

The most flexible system is to find out which wikis are known locally, and only convert those. The most immediate solution is probably to tell where to find

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Does this happen in VE or Parsoid? If the latter it should be moved.

This is done in Parsoid, and should normally use the wiki-local interwiki table.

It is listed in, so the Parsoid behavior looks correct. Interestingly it is listed twice though: once as 'outreach', and once at 'outreachwiki'. When I manually change the wikitext link to [[outreachwiki:Example]], it is rendered as expected.

So to me this looks either like a configuration issue in officewiki. It could also be a bug in the PHP parser, which only recognizes one of two configured interwiki prefixes.

It's because "Outreach" is a namespace name on officewiki. So this is not a MW bug, but a bug probably in Parsoid. It shouldn't auto-convert external links to interwikis when the interwiki matches the name or alias of a local namespace.

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It's because "Outreach" is a namespace name on officewiki. So this is not a MW bug, but a bug probably in Parsoid.

I'd call that a bug in officewiki configuration. They shouldn't use a name reserved for an interwiki in their local namespaces...

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