Flow: Special:WhatLinksHere is not differentiating links from transclusions
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At https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Rebbie_Jackson&limit=50
in the final line, there are all the items in that Board which use the navbox as a test.

The problem is, there isn't a clear distinction between the posts where the template is /linked/, and the posts where it is /transcluded/. It seems to be claiming that all the uses are transcluded, but at least one of them isn't.

If the detection is accurate but the display is wrong, then this just needs a wording change.

If the detection isn't accurate, then that needs to be fixed.

(Sidenote-for-later, probably needs a split bug: Also, given that Flow is moving towards a more topic-centric model, it might make more sense to list each topic separately? ) (Done, may only affect new edits)

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What about (hypothetically, it depends on what exactly users do in that topic/header):

Topic:Sftu7fk5397wjm0y (file link from a post; link from a post; transclusion from a post; link from the summary) ‎ (← links)
Talk:Foo (link from the header; file link from the header; transclusion from the header)

Post, summary, and header would be linked.

I think we have all the information we need to do this.

It might require a core change, only so we know which of 'hide transclusion', 'hide links, 'hide redirects' the user chose (envisioning a future bug if we don't do this).

And then, a change to ReferenceClarifier and some i18n.

Sorry, it would be a semi-colon between separate references (see update), and I fixed the header line.

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