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database consumer could batch inserts (sometimes) [34pts]
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The eventlogging database consumer generates single-row inserts. From a performance perspective (master overhead and slave replication lag) it would be better to batch inserts.

The batches need not be large or of a particular size. The approach could simply be opportunistic grouping of small numbers of rows in the same table when more than one is available.

IRC excerpt:

<ori> one thing that would have to be rethought is table creation
<ori> right now eventlogging always just tries to insert events
<ori> if the database errors out because the table doesn't exist, *then* it

issues the create table statement

<ori> this is nice because you can drop or rename a table and it just gets

recreated anew without any downtime

<ori> i don't have a ready-made model of how this would work in a world where

we do batch inserts, but my reflexive hunch is that it's not a 
show-stopping problem, and that we could work around it

<springle> not knowing the code at all, but could it be simple opportunistic

batching? when inserting a record, check if additional records for 
the same table exist, and group them

<springle> might only get a few each time, but that would still be better
<ori> yeah, totally

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Severity: enhancement
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More detailed information of why is this item important when it comes to making EL data public is available in this e-mail thread:

Change 169977 had a related patch set uploaded by Nuria:
[WIP] Batching event insertion

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Actual beginning of e-mail thread with pertinent conversation:

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Batch event insertion

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Changes to batch events (and subsequent fixes) are deployed to vanadium