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let sge respect job priority set by users (weight_priority)
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Currently a toollabs user has no influence of the order jobs are executed. Please also set weight_priority so that users intended priority of jobs is respected, too.

My problem was that i submitted two array tasks with hold_jid_ad dependency A[i]->B[i].

All tasks of job A were scheduled before any task of job B started because Job B was submitted 3 seconds after A and so has a lower waiting time priority.

Because A creates large temporary files which B reads and deletes, i prefer runnable B tasks to have a higher priority than not started A task.

There i also many other cases where i prefer influencing job priority a bit.

Current config:

$ qconf -ssconf
policy_hierarchy OFS
weight_ticket 0.500000
weight_waiting_time 0.278000
weight_deadline 3600000.000000
weight_urgency 0.500000
weight_priority 0.000000

Maybe 0.1 for weight_priority.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal