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Postgresql: non-integer constant in ORDER BY
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Author: pashev.igor

ActiveUsers page does not work with Postgres (includes/specials/SpecialActiveusers.php):

Jul 07 13:15:21 xxx postgres[1234]: ERROR: non-integer constant in ORDER BY at character 361
Jul 07 13:15:21 xxx postgres[1234]: STATEMENT: SELECT rc_user_text,MAX(rc_timestamp) AS lastedittime FROM "recentchanges" WHERE (rc_user > 0) AND (rc_type != '5') AND (rc_log_type IS NULL OR rc_log_type != 'newusers') AND (rc_timestamp >= '2014-06-07 13:15:21 GMT') AND (rc_timestamp <= '2014-07-07 13:15:21 GMT') GROUP BY rc_user_text ORDER BY NULL

This bug is introduced by

Version: 1.23.1
Severity: major
OS: Linux



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Jjanes added a comment.Jul 8 2014, 7:23 PM

Reproduced by simply going to http://localhost/wiki/index.php/Special:ActiveUsers

The "ORDER BY NULL" optimization seems to be MySQL peculiarity.

includes/specials/SpecialActiveusers.php: 'ORDER BY' => 'NULL' // avoid filesort

I can hack includes/db/DatabasePostgres.php selectSQLText to specifically delete that clause, but that is the correct to approach the problem?

Doing so doesn't make Special:ActiveUsers work again under PostgreSQL, but it does get further before hitting a different error.

Change 144824 had a related patch set uploaded by Jjanes:


Yes, fixes this bug in 1.24. I put the wrong bug number into the commit message, but since it got merged already I have no idea how to fix it now. The pages for gerrit don't seem to cover the situation of amending a commit messge that has already been merged.

Fixed by ; closing as FIXED.

Should there be a request to backport to 1.23.x tarballs? If so, feel free to set the backport flag in this ticket.

Gerrit change 144824 is the backport to REL1_23, so I'm setting the appropriate flag

Change 144824 merged by jenkins-bot:

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Migrating from the old tracking task to a tag for PostgreSQL-related tasks.