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Converting "See Also" Bugzilla links to Phabricator tasks
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bugzillapreview shows links to Bugzilla URLs in the "See also" information. Wouldn't it be nice if those links would point to the corresponding Phabricator tasks instead?

For instance, shows

See Also:

Which isn't very elegant and forces you to click to each link in order to know what is the task about, and whether it is still open or closed.

Instead, we could have (using fake task numbers for the sake of showing the example):

See Also: T334 T344 T123 T342 T187 T321 T189 T296 T312 T174 T265

If such script / bot isn't simple to write, an option could be to leave it for later, without blocking the Bugzilla migration and the official launch.

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This task is not essential, it has a risk of overcomplicating the migration process, and it can be done afterward either with direct changes to the database or a bot.

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chasemp mentioned this in Unknown Object (Diffusion Commit).Nov 13 2014, 3:51 PM

Following up on T76922, we need to decide whether we want to translate full URLs to T2345 or {T2345123}.

What about this:

  • "Bug 345" translates to T2345
  • " translates to {T2345}.

Sounds good to me - in both cases one is able to get more information without having to click (once it's shown directly, once when moving the mouse pointer over it).

The proposed format in T687 is slightly different ("See Also: (T9125000)" instead of "See Also: T9125000" being suggested here). So if there was someone actively working on T687, I would merge these two, until then I think it's easier to keep them separate so that's more obvious what needs to be fixed.